Remarketing with Google Analytics

Remarketing is a powerful way to broaden your reach and bring customers one step closer to buying. It’s never been easier to take advantage of all the rich data you have in Google Analytics and use it to improve your campaign performance.



Remarketing with Google Analytics lets you tap into valuable insights about your website visitors who show an interest in your products and services -- for example, visitors who spend time viewing specific pages or who put items in their shopping cart. Once you’ve identified your target audience, you can run ads across the Google Display Network (GDN) that are tailored to that audience.

Hur fungerar det?

We’ve made it simple and fast to find the customers you want. Select from predefined remarketing lists, or create your own customized lists—all based on familiar Google Analytics metrics such as pages viewed, visit duration, and goal completions. Then automatically send your customer lists to Google AdWords and run targeted ads in minutes, with just a couple of clicks. Reach precisely the audience you want by taking advantage of more than two million websites on the GDN.

Where to find it

Click on the "Admin" tab in the upper corner of Google Analytics (you must be an account administrator), then click on the tab for "Remarketing Lists."

Why use Remarketing with Google Analytics?

  • Connect with exactly the right customers using rich online insights
  • Deliver targeted GDN ads based on your specific customer segments
  • Create and edit sophisticated lists with ease in our intuitive interface

Consider what Remarketing can do for your ad strategy

  • Identify and win new customers in your region
  • Help close the deal for tentative comparison shoppers
  • Bring back shoppers who placed items in their cart but did not buy
  • Retain customers who have made a purchase in the past
  • Offer special status and deals to your most loyal customers

Customer testimonial


"Remarketing with Google Analytics is very easy to use, and it lets us reach exactly the types of users we want. The fact that it's integrated with Google Analytics and AdWords is very efficient -- we didn't need any new training for our teams.

"We see lots of opportunities for this -- for example running more but smaller display campaigns to focus on specific segments of our customers."

-- Jeroen van der Veen, Senior SEA Specialist at Spil Games