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PublikationsnummerUS1796893 A
Typ av kungörelseBeviljande
Publiceringsdatum17 mar 1931
Registreringsdatum22 apr 1929
Prioritetsdatum22 apr 1929
PublikationsnummerUS 1796893 A, US 1796893A, US-A-1796893, US1796893 A, US1796893A
UppfinnareCharles A Mcveigh
Ursprunglig innehavareCharles A Mcveigh
Exportera citatBiBTeX, EndNote, RefMan
Externa länkar: USPTO, Överlåtelse av äganderätt till patent som har registrerats av USPTO, Espacenet
US 1796893 A
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March 17, v1931. C. A McvElGH 1,796,893

ToTHBRUsH Filed April 22, 1929 INVENTOR. fun as Nfl/16H Patented Mar. 17, 1931 UNITED STATESk CHARLES A. IQVEIGH, CF S'AN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA TOOTHBBUSE Application filed April 22,

My invention relates to improvements in tooth brushes, and it consists in the combinations, constructions4 and arrangements hereinafter described and claimed.

5 An object of my invention-Yis to provide a tooth brush which is provided with means for removing larger particles of foreign matter from the teeth and at the same time acting as a polisher for the teeth, this means 'lo working in combination with the usual bristles. The co-action between the bristles and the auxiliary cleaning and polishing member is such as to leave the mouth in a more healthy condition than is possible with the standard tooth brush.

A further object of my invention is to provide a device of th'e type described which is extremely simple in construction andA which is durable and efficient for the purpose intended.

Other objects and advantages will appear as the specification proceeds, and the novel features will be particularly pointed out in theappended claim.

My invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which Iigure l is a top plan View of the device, an

Figure 2 is a section along the line 2-2 of Flgure 1.

In carrying out my invention, I provide a tooth brush that has a handle ortion 1 and a bristle-carrying head 2. 'Iu ts of bristles 3 are set in the head 2.

from the handle 1, I dispose a tooth cleaning and polishing member 4.V This member has a pointed end 5 that may be used for cleaning between the teeth and also for polishing the surfaces of the teeth. I have found that a comparatively soft rubber is the best material to use for the member 4.

The member is provided with a reduced shank 6 that fits in an opening 7 in the head 2. The member may be removed from the head and a new one substituted.

From the foregoing description of the various parts of the device' the operation thereof ma be readily understood.

The toot v brush is used in'much the same At the end of the head furthest removed I 1929. Serial No. 357,298.

manner as a standard one. The brush head 2 is placed Withinthe mouth with the bristles 3 and the member 4 contacting with the teeth, and then the handle is moved for imparting a vertical reciprocal movement to the brush head in the mouth. The pointed end 5 may be moved between the teeth andA will dislodge the larger pieces of foreign matter. The member 4 also acts as a polishing member Iand causes the teeth to glisten and to appear whiter than is possible with a 'standard tooth brush employing only bristles. n

In use, the member 4 will, `during the manipulation of the brush, tend to traverse the gum line or gingivae and will, as a consequence whereof, be extremely effective 1n dislodging calco-globulin deposits from about the gingivae and the spaces between the teeth in addition to accumulations of other foreign matter finding lodgment in the said spaces and about the base of the teeth.

The entire mouth may be gone over with this'brush and the result will be a perfectly 7 clean and healthy condition of the teeth. v

Although I have shown and described one embodiment of myfinvention, it is to be understood that the Same is susceptible of various changes, and I reserve the right to employ such changes as may come within the scope of the invention as claimed.

I claim:

In a tooth brush, a handle, a brush at one end of the handle and elongated the lengthwise direction thereof, an extension of the handleprojecting outwardly of the f orward end of the brushV carrying portlon thereof, and an outwardly tapered substantially pointed'member of rubber projectmg from saidvextensionv and adapted to follow the gum line in the manipulation of the brush to dislodge deposits of calco-globulin and` other vforeign matter Vfrom about the base 95 portions of the teeth in order to facilitate the complete cleaning of the teeth by the

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USA-klassificering15/105, 15/110, 15/167.1
Internationell klassificeringA46B15/00
Kooperativ klassningA46B2200/1066, A46B15/00, A46B15/0075
Europeisk klassificeringA46B15/00C8, A46B15/00