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PublikationsnummerDE3421390 A1
Typ av kungörelseAnsökan
Publiceringsdatum12 dec 1985
Registreringsdatum8 jun 1984
Prioritetsdatum8 jun 1984
Även publicerat somDE3421390C2
Publikationsnummer19843421390, 843421390, DE 3421390 A1, DE 3421390A1, DE-A1-3421390, DE19843421390, DE3421390 A1, DE3421390A1, DE843421390
UppfinnareWerner Dr Med Schubert
SökandeSchubert Werner
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Externa länkar: DPMA, Espacenet
High-pressure catheter with a cutting and/or abrasion device
DE 3421390 A1
If water emerges at high pressure through a nozzle it can be used for cutting, and this effect was utilised by Japanese researchers for severing the hepatic tissue of a rat with a water gun or nozzle which had a diameter of only 0.2 mm, using 10 atm. If these conditions are extrapolated to a pressure-tight catheter, called high-pressure catheter by me, 17.5 atm are necessary for this purpose according to calculations. Such high-pressure catheters can be inserted transluminally via the skin in stenosed or partially occluded pathways in the body, for example highly sclerosed coronary arteries for the gentle re-opening of pathological occlusions of pathways and for elimination of numerous stenoses. If segmentally arranged nozzles which are located obliquely toward the back and proximally on the nozzle head and form foci or coherent foci annularly are used and if the foci of the nozzle jets project above the lateral outer edge of the nozzle head, an abrasion effect is obtained at the front of the high-pressure catheter in addition to the forward motion, and this should also be utilised for the preparation of effective curettes, for example for extraction of the endometrium.
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12 dec 1985OM8Search report available as to paragraph 43 lit. 1 sentence 1 patent law
17 jul 1986D2Grant after examination
22 jan 19878364No opposition during term of opposition
21 maj 19878322Nonbinding interest in granting licenses declared
7 jun 19908339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee