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PublikationsnummerCN102110762 A
Typ av kungörelseAnsökan
AnsökningsnummerCN 201010561114
Publiceringsdatum29 jun 2011
Registreringsdatum26 nov 2010
Prioritetsdatum26 nov 2010
Även publicerat somCN102110762B
Publikationsnummer201010561114.5, CN 102110762 A, CN 102110762A, CN 201010561114, CN-A-102110762, CN102110762 A, CN102110762A, CN201010561114, CN201010561114.5
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Externa länkar:  SIPO, Espacenet
Radiating device integrating radiating plate and electrode and manufacturing method thereof
CN 102110762 A
The invention discloses a radiating device integrating a radiating plate and an electrode and a manufacturing method thereof. The radiating device comprises the radiating plate (1), a light-emitting diode (LED) chip (2) fixed onto the radiating plate (1), a fluorescent powder layer (3) coated on the radiating plate (1) and totally covering the LED chip (2), a silica gel sealing layer (4) coated on the fluorescent powder layer (3), an electrode pin (5) integrated on the radiating plate and an electrode lead (6) leaded from the electrode pin (5), wherein the silica gel sealing layer (4) is madeby mixing silica gel and nanometer or silica and micrometer particles. In the radiating device provided by the invention, the radiating plate is directly connected with the electrode pin, thereby improving the radiating efficiency of the chip and solving the problem of short service life of the device due to radiation problem; moreover, due to the elimination of bracket, the production cost is reduced and the invention is more favorable for commercial production.
Anspråk(7)  översatt från kinesiska
1. 一种集散热板与电极于一体的散热器件,其特征在于:包括散热板(1)、固定在散热板(1)上的LED芯片(2)、涂覆在散热板(1)上并完全覆盖LED芯片(2)的荧光粉层(3)、 涂覆在荧光粉层⑶上的硅胶封装层(4),集成在散热板上的电极引脚(5),以及自电极引脚(5)引出的电极引线(6),其中,芯片的电极引脚(5)与散热板⑴直接相连。 A set of radiating plate and the electrode in one of the heat sink member, characterized by comprising: a heat sink plate (1) fixed radiating plate LED chip (1), (2), coated on the heat sink plate (1), and completely covers the LED chip (2) of the phosphor layer (3), the phosphor layer is coated on silica gel ⑶ encapsulation layer (4), integrated in the cooling plate electrode pins (5), and since the electrode pins (5) the lead-out electrode lead (6), wherein the electrode pins of the chip (5) is directly connected with the radiating plate ⑴.
2.如权利要求1所述的一种集散热板与电极于一体的散热器件,其特征在于:所述硅胶封装层(4)由按照质量比为1 : 3〜3 : 1的硅胶和纳米或微米粒子混合而成。 2. A set of radiating plate according to claim the electrode in one of the radiator member, characterized in that: the silicone encapsulation layer (4) consists of a mass ratio of 1: 3~3: 1, and nano silica or micron particles are mixed.
3.如权利要求1所述的一种集散热板与电极于一体的散热器件,其特征在于:所述散热板为铝、铜、银金属或非金属具有良好散热性能的材料。 A set of the heat radiating plate 1 and the electrode as claimed in claim in one of the heat sink element, wherein: said radiating plate is aluminum, copper, silver metallic or non-metallic material having good heat dissipation properties.
4.如权利要求1所述的一种集散热板与电极于一体的散热器件,其特征在于:所述硅胶封装层覆盖的区域大于荧光粉层的区域。 4. A set of the heat radiating plate 1 and the electrode in one of claims radiator member, characterized in that: said silicone encapsulation layer region is larger than the region covered by the phosphor layer.
5.根据权利要求1所述的集散热板与电极于一体的散热器件的制备方法,其特征在于:用点胶机将芯片和电极引脚固定在散热板上;用超声金丝球焊机将LED芯片与电极引脚之间形成良好接触;在散热板上涂覆荧光粉层,使荧光粉层完全覆盖LED芯片;最后,在荧光粉层上涂覆硅胶封装层或装上外壳。 5. Set the cooling plate according to claim the electrode in one of the production method for dissipating heat, which is characterized by: using the dispenser chip and electrode pins fixed to the cooling plate; ultrasonic gold wire bonder The LED chip is formed and a good contact between the electrode pins; phosphor layer coated on a heat dissipation plate, so that the phosphor layer completely covering the LED chip; and finally, the phosphor layer is coated on silica gel encapsulating layer or mounted on the housing.
6.如权利要求5所述的一种集散热板与电极于一体的散热器件的制备方法,其特征在于:所述芯片之间采用串联、并联、混联中的任一种连接方式。 A set of the radiating plate 5 and the electrode as claimed in one of claim preparation radiator member, characterized in that: between the chip using series, parallel, hybrid any one connection.
7.如权利要求5所述的一种集散热板与电极于一体的散热器件的制备方法,其特征在于:所述散热板与电极引脚通过导热不导电的银胶连接于一体。 7. A collector of the radiator plate 5 and the electrode production method in one radiator element as claimed in claim wherein: said radiating plate and the electrode pins by thermally non-conductive silver paste in one connection.
Beskrivning  översatt från kinesiska

一种集散热板与电极于一体的散热器件及其制备方法 A set of radiating plate and the electrode in one of the radiator elements and preparation method

技术领域 Technical Field

[0001] 本发明涉及一种散热器件,特别是一种集散热板与电极于一体的散热器件及其制备方法。 [0001] The present invention relates to a heat sink member, in particular a set of radiating plate and the electrode in one of the radiator device and method of preparation.

背景技术 Background

[0002] LED被认为是21世纪最具发展前景的一种新型冷光源,LED产业是近年来被认为最具有发展潜力的产业之一,大家都期待LED能够进入普通照明市场,成为新照明光源。 [0002] LED is considered to be a new kind of cold light source in the 21st century the most promising, LED industry in recent years, is considered one of the most promising industry, we are looking forward to be able to enter the general LED lighting market, a new lighting . 随着哥本哈根会议和低碳经济议题的发起,LED将大规模地进入普通照明市场,其经济产值已超过百亿美元。 With the launch of the Copenhagen conference and low-carbon economic issues, LED will be on a large scale into the general lighting market, its economic output has more than ten billion US dollars. LED是一种固态的半导体器件,它可以直接把电转化为光,是比较理想的光源去代替传统的光源,它具有广泛的用途及众多优点,如:体积小、耗电量低、使用寿命长、 高亮度、低热量、环保、节能、坚固耐用等。 LED is a solid-state semiconductor devices, which can be converted directly into electricity to light, is an ideal light source to replace conventional light sources, it has a wide range of uses and many advantages, such as: small size, low power consumption, life long, high brightness, low-calorie, environmental protection, energy saving, durable and so on.

[0003] LED的发光机理是靠PN结中的电子在能带间跃迁产生光能,当它在外加电场作用下,电子与空穴的辐射复合发生电制作用将一部分能量转化为光能,而无辐射复合产生的晶格震荡将其余的能量转化为热能。 [0003] The LED light emission mechanism is by PN junction between electronic energy band transitions produce energy when it is in an applied electric field, the radiative recombination of electrons and holes occur electricity produced by the part of the energy into light, without radiative recombination generated the lattice vibration energy into the thermal energy remaining.

[0004] 散热是限制LED照明灯具发展的一个重要方面,由于LED属于半导体发光器件,而半导体器件随着自身温度的变化,其特性会有明显的变化。 An important aspect of [0004] the heat is to limit the development of LED lighting, the LED is a semiconductor light-emitting device, and a semiconductor device with its own temperature changes, there will be significant changes in their characteristics. 对于LED,结温的升高会导致器件各个方面性能的变化与衰减。 For LED, junction temperature increases will lead to changes in all aspects of the performance of the device and attenuation. LED的理论寿命能达到十万小时以上,实际使用中,LED的结温一般都比较高,70%的LED器件失效是由温度过高导致的,结温每升高10°C,LED的寿命将减少一半,因此,解决LED散热问题是LED能够产业化的一个重点研究方面。 LED theoretical life expectancy can reach more than one hundred thousand hours, the actual use, LED junction temperature is generally higher, 70% of the LED device failure caused by high temperature, junction temperature is increased by 10 ° C, LED lifetime will be reduced by half, therefore, to solve the LED heat problem is a LED can focus on the industrialization of research.


[0005] 本发明所要解决的技术问题是提供一种集散热板与电极于一体的散热器件及其制备方法,解决芯片散热效果不好,使用寿命过短的问题。 Technical Problem [0005] The present invention solves is to provide a set of radiating plate and the electrode in one of the heat sink member and a preparation method to solve the chip cooling effect is not good, life is too short questions.

[0006] 为实现上述目的,本发明提供了一种集散热板与电极于一体的散热器件,包括散热板、固定在散热板上的LED芯片、涂覆在散热板上并完全覆盖LED芯片的荧光粉层、涂覆在荧光粉层上的硅胶封装层,集成在散热板上的电极引脚,以及自电极引脚引出的电极引线,其中,芯片的电极引脚与散热板直接相连。 [0006] To achieve the above object, the present invention provides a heat radiating plate and the electrode assembly in one of the heat sink member comprises a heat plate, a heat radiating plate fixed on the LED chip, coated on the heat plate and completely cover the LED chip phosphor layer, the phosphor layer coated on silica gel encapsulation layer, integrated cooling plate in the electrode pin, and the electrode leads from the electrode extraction pins, wherein the chip and the radiator plate electrode pin is directly connected.

[0007] 根据上述散热器件,本发明还提供一种集散热片与电极于一体的散热器件的制备方法,用点胶机将芯片和电极引脚固定在散热板上;用超声金丝球焊机将LED芯片与电极引脚之间形成良好接触;在散热板上涂覆荧光粉层,使荧光粉层完全覆盖LED芯片;最后, 在荧光粉层上涂覆硅胶封装层或装上外壳。 [0007] According to the radiator member, the present invention also provides a set of fins and the electrode in one of the production method for dissipating heat, with the dispenser chip and electrode pins fixed to the cooling plate; ultrasonic gold ball bonding The machine is formed between the LED chip and the electrode pins good contact; phosphor layer coated on a heat dissipation plate, so that the phosphor layer completely covering the LED chip; and finally, the phosphor layer is coated on silica gel encapsulating layer or mounted on the housing.

[0008] 本发明与现有技术相比,至少具有以下优点:本发明将散热片与电极集成于一体, 更好地增加了芯片的散热,提高了芯片的使用寿命,由于直接将芯片电极封装到散热片上, 从而省去了支架,降低了成本,散热片的灵活设计、芯片的灵活排布,从而在保证散热较好的情况,延长使用寿命使其产品外形更加美观,满足使用者的需求。 [0008] The present invention over the prior art, at least has the following advantages: The invention fins and electrodes integrated in one, better to increase the heat of the chip to improve the life of the chip, due directly to the chip electrode package to the heat sink, thus eliminating the need for support, reduce costs, flexible design of the heatsink chip flexible arrangement, thus ensuring better cooling case, extend the life of its products more attractive appearance, meet the needs of users . 同时在封装胶里添加了纳米或微米粒子,从而扩大了发散角,增大了发光面积,使光线更加柔和、明亮。 Meanwhile in plastic packaging to add a nano- or micro particles, thereby expanding the divergence angle, increasing the light-emitting area, make the light more soft and bright. 附图说明 Brief Description

[0009] 图1是本发明散热器件的结构示意图; [0009] FIG. 1 is a schematic view of the present invention, the heat sink member;

[0010] 图2是图1的部分局部放大图。 [0010] FIG. 2 is a partial enlarged view of part of FIG. 1.

[0011] 其中,1为散热板,2为LED芯片,3为荧光粉层,4为硅胶封装层,5为电极引脚,6 为电极引线。 [0011] wherein, the heat sink plate 1, 2 is the LED chip, the phosphor layer 3, 4 is silicone encapsulation layer, an electrode pin 5, 6 to the electrode lead.


[0012] 下面结合附图对本发明做详细描述: [0012] with reference to the following detailed description of the invention:

[0013] 如图1、2所示,本发明集散热板与电极于一体的散热器件包括:散热板1、固定在散热板1上的LED芯片2、涂覆在散热板1上并完全覆盖LED芯片2的荧光粉层3、涂覆在荧光粉层3上的硅胶封装层4,集成在散热板1上的电极引脚5,以及自电极引脚5引出的电极引线6。 [0013] As shown, the present invention is set in one of the heat radiating plate and the electrode of the heat sink member 2 comprises: a heat radiating plate, the heat radiating plate fixed on a LED chip 2, coated on the heat sink plate 1 completely covers and LED chip 2 of the phosphor layer 3, electrode lead coated on the phosphor layer 3 of silicone encapsulating layer 4, integrated in a heat radiating plate electrode pin 5, since the electrode pins 5 and 6 drawn.

[0014] 所述LED芯片2通过焊线串联、并联或混联等方式连接,并固定在散热板1上。 [0014] The LED chip 2 by bonding wires in series, parallel or hybrid connections, etc., and is fixed to the heat sink plate 1.

[0015] 所述荧光粉层3涂覆在散热板1上,并覆盖LED芯片2。 [0015] The phosphor layer 3 is coated on the heat sink plate 1, and covers the LED chip 2.

[0016] 所述硅胶封装层4由硅胶和纳米或微米粒子混合而成,其中,硅胶与纳米或微米粒子的质量比为1 : 3〜3 : 1,可增大发光的面积,增大发射角,同时,使光线变得柔和,且均勻性良好;硅胶封装层4覆盖在荧光粉3层上,且硅胶封装层4的边缘稍大于荧光粉层3 的边缘。 [0016] The encapsulating layer 4 is a mixture of silica and silica nano or micro particles together, wherein the mass ratio of silica gel with nano- or micro-particles is 1: 3~3: 1, the light emitting area can be increased, increasing the emission angle, same time, the light becomes soft and good uniformity; silicone encapsulation layer 4 covering the phosphor layer 3, and the edge silicone encapsulation layer 4 is slightly larger than the edge of the phosphor layer 3.

[0017] 所述电极引脚5直接集成在散热板1上,更好地解决散热问题。 [0017] The electrode pin 5 directly onto the heat sink plate 1, to better solve the heat problem.

[0018] 本发明器件的制备方法包括以下步骤: [0018] The method for preparing the device of the present invention comprises the steps of:

[0019] 1.散热板设计:根据具体使用需要,进行散热板的设计,可设计其形状、面积、厚 [0019] 1. The cooling plate design: depending on usage needs, heat dissipation board design, can design the shape, size, thickness

度等; Degree;

[0020] 2.散热板加工:根据设计的具体参数对散热板进行加工; [0020] 2. The cooling plate processing: according to the specific design parameters of the heat radiating plate processing;

[0021] 3.散热板清洗:对加工好的散热片板进行清洗工作,以便使用。 [0021] 3. The cooling plate cleaning: for processed fin board cleaning to use.

[0022] 4.散热板上集成电极:将加工好的散热板与电极引脚进行集成,使用导热不导电的银胶使其具有良好的导热性且不会造成短路等情况,然后将芯片无支架直接封装到散热片上,通过金线焊接将芯片与电极连接起来,再根据设计需要将各芯片以串联、并联、混联等方式连接起来。 [0022] 4. The integrated electrode plate heat: The heat radiating plate processed with electrode pins integration, the use of thermally non-conductive silver paste to have good thermal conductivity and will not cause a short circuit, etc., and then the chip without scaffold encapsulates a heat sink, by gold wire bonding connecting the electrode chip, then the chips depending on design requirements to be in series, parallel, hybrid, etc. are connected.

[0023] 5.散热板上固晶:将进行过扩晶处理的LED芯片安置在刺晶台的夹具上,在显微镜下利用刺晶笔将LED芯片一个一个地刺到相应的位置; [0023] 5. The cooling plate solid crystal: will be processed through the extended crystal LED chips placed on the table fixture thorn crystal under a microscope the use of gill crystal pen stab LED chips one by one to the appropriate location;

[0024] 6.金线焊接:用超声金丝球焊机使金丝在LED芯片的电极和外部的电极引线键合区之间形成良好的欧姆接触; [0024] 6. The gold wire welding: ultrasonic gold wire bonder gold wire electrodes between the LED chip and the external electrode wire bonding region to form a good ohmic contact;

[0025] 7.点荧光粉:将荧光粉直接点在散热板上,使荧光粉完全覆盖LED芯片; [0025] 7. point Phosphor: The phosphor direct spot in heat dissipation plate, so that completely cover the phosphor LED chip;

[0026] 8.纳米粒子配光:将添加有纳米或微米粒子并搅拌均勻的硅胶按照荧光粉的涂覆区域封装到散热板上,形成硅胶封装层,其中,硅胶涂覆的区域的边缘稍大于荧光粉所在区域的边缘;接着,将上述得到的器件在135°C固化1小时,即得发光二极管; [0026] 8. Nanoparticles with light: adding nano or micro particles of silica gel and stir the phosphor coated area of the package according to the radiating plate, forming a silica encapsulation layer, wherein the silicone coated edge region is slightly Area of the phosphor is greater than the edge; Next, the above-described device obtained cured one hour at 135 ° C, to obtain a light emitting diode;

[0027] 9.安装外壳及测试:安装LED的外壳,然后对得到的发光二极管LED进行光电参数以及外形尺寸的测试。 [0027] 9. Install housing and testing: Install LED shell, then the resulting light-emitting diode (LED) for photoelectric parameters and dimensions of the test. [0028] 在本发明中,由于将散热板与电极集成于一体,很好地提高了散热效率,简化了生产步骤,降低了成本。 [0028] In the present invention, since the heat radiating plate and the electrode integrated in one, well improve the cooling efficiency, simplifies the production steps, reducing costs. 通过在硅胶中添加有纳米或微米粒子,可以使LED有较好的出光效率和均勻性。 By adding silica in nano or micro particles, can make LED a better light efficiency and uniformity.

[0029] 以上所述仅为本发明的一种实施方式,不是全部或唯一的实施方式,本领域普通技术人员通过阅读本发明说明书而对本发明技术方案采取的任何等效的变换,均为本发明的权利要求所涵盖。 [0029] The above description is only one embodiment of the invention, not all or only embodiments, those skilled in the art by reading the description of the invention and the technical aspect of the present invention to take any equivalent transformation, are present the invention covered by the claim.

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