Google Tel Aviv & Haifa

Google Tel Aviv & Haifa combine the excitement and innovation that make "Start-Up Nation" famous, with vast resources and a global focus. Our engineers develop products used by people around the world, and our sales teams work with advertisers in markets across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Work-Life Balance @ Israel R&D Center

Israeli Googlers talk about the company’s core culture - from focusing on collaboration to helping them make more time for things outside work, especially family -- and how that helps us make our products even better. Watch to the end for some extreme cuteness.


Our engineers have worked on products for global markets, including Search, Apps, and Social products, as well as on core Google infrastructure.

Our sales teams work with advertisers to engage audiences in Israel and around the world, as well as managing operations in other EMEA markets.

Through the Google Cultural Institute, we’re helping bring historical treasures like the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial archives and the Dead Sea Scrolls online.


Number of Israel Googlers: About ten times the circumference of the Large Hadron Collider, in kilometers

Some of our conference rooms are named: Shemer, Banai, Ben Yehuda

Distance from our Tel Aviv office to the beach, in meters: 2,000

From our Haifa office: 200



Building 30
MATAM, Advanced Technology Center
PO Box 15096
Haifa, 3190500
Phone: 972-74-746-6245
Fax: 972-74-746-6201

Tel Aviv

Google Israel Ltd.
Yigal Alon 98
Tel Aviv 6789141
Phone: 972-74-746-6453
Fax: 972-3-761-7171

Inside Google Tel Aviv & Haifa

Israel is called “Start-Up Nation” for good reason – per capita, there are more start-ups here than in any other country. And Israeli tech workers are known for their chutzpah, combining smarts, scrappiness and a willingness to ask questions and tackle big problems. Which makes this the perfect place for Google.

We encourage our Tel Aviv and Haifa Googlers to think big and challenge the status quo. In six short years, our engineers have launched everything from Google Insights for Search to putting the Dead Sea Scrolls and Yad Vashem projects online for the Google Cultural Institute, and our sales teams have built deep relationships with advertisers targeting local and international audiences.

Israel is also a work-hard, play-hard kind of place, and we meet the mark here, too. We go on awesome off-sites, biking or bowling or waging robot wars, and have a big family picnic every summer. In Tel Aviv, we have a music room (home to a weekly jazz jam session), a Lego room and a fully outfitted gym, and our Haifa office features a rooftop deck with WiFi and gorgeous views of the Mediterranean Sea.

We’re especially proud of the ways we help Googlers balance work and life and develop in their careers. There are endless opportunities to take on big challenges and to be serious without a suit. That’s why when you get in the elevator in either of our offices, you know immediately who the Googlers are. Hint: the lawyers and bankers are the ones wearing suits.

We encourage risk-taking and believe failure is an opportunity to learn. We move quickly, and are always thinking from a global perspective.

- Yossi Matias, Engineering Director

Google Tel Aviv & Haifa: Frequently Asked Questions

What do Google Israel engineers do?

Engineers in our R&D Center have developed products for use by millions (billions?) of people around the world, in areas including Search, Analytics and Apps – including Google Autocomplete, Live Results and Instant; Insights for Search, Website Optimizer and Chart Tools; and “Got the wrong Bob?” and backend technologies for Gmail. In addition, we’ve worked on the infrastructure software behind a range of Google products. And we’ve done important research on algorithms, machine learning, game theory, computer vision and data mining.

How about your business Googlers?

Our sales teams work closely with local advertisers big and small. Because exports are an important component of the Israeli economy, we consult advertisers on developing marketing strategies and implement campaigns aimed at both Israeli and international markets. In addition, we’re increasingly taking on a regional sales role, managing Google operations in additional countries. We also have other roles that help keep Google ticking – including marketing, communications, developer relations, operations and business development, not to mention roles that focus on policy issues that will help shape the future of the Internet.

Do you do anything to work with the local developer community?

We teach open-source and web-technologies classes at Tel Aviv University. We collaborate with local researchers – for example, giving grants to and running workshops and seminars for professors at the Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University and the Technion. And we’re creating a start-up incubator in Tel Aviv to assist pre-seed entrepreneurs with developing their ideas into successful businesses.

How about work with the community at large?

We work with high schoolers (especially girls) to encourage them to enter careers in science and technology. Our Googlers volunteer extensively with groups throughout the community as part of GoogleServe each year. Through Google Grants, we support more than 120 local nonprofits.

What’s the coolest off-site you’ve had?

We’ve been on a lot of fun off-sites, but to date the most notable was probably one that combined an evening of partying in the desert, F-15s soaring overhead; a 4 a.m. hike up to the mountaintop fortress of Masada; a visit to the site of the parable of the Good Samaritan; camel rides and 4x4ing; a trip to Jerusalem to see the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Wailing Wall and the Temple Mount; and a visit to the streets of Jaffa for falafel upon our return to Tel Aviv. It won’t be easy to top that, but rest assured, we’ll try. ;)

What is the Google Cultural Institute?

The Cultural Institute’s mission is to increase access to human cultural heritage. To date, our big efforts on this front have been to help bring the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Yad Vashem collection of Holocaust-related photos and documents online, and make them easy to explore. We also recently reached an agreement with Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela to make documentation of South Africa’s anti-apartheid movement similarly accessible.

Life at Google Tel Aviv & Haifa

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Work-life balance @ Israel R&D center

Work-life balance @ Israel R&D center

Israeli Googlers talk about the company’s core culture - from focusing on collaboration to helping ...

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