Google Dublin (EU HQ)

Located in the heart of the historic docklands district (a.k.a. Silicon Dock), Google has helped put Dublin on the map as a technology hub in Europe, thanks, in part, to our awesome teams of software engineers, account managers, digital strategists and others. Our office is made up of thousands of Googlers from over 65 countries, overseeing sales and infrastructure for our businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


We’re Google’s headquarters for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Our sales teams focus on helping small and medium-sized businesses and working with major global companies across EMEA.

Our engineering teams have scaled Google’s products and infrastructure across the EMEA region.


Number of Dublin Googlers: About as many as the number of zeros in a septingentillion

Some of our conference rooms are named: The Boomtown Rats, James Joyce, Hairy Lemon

Distance to Dublin’s city center, in walking minutes: 20


Google Ireland Ltd.
Gordon House
Barrow Street
Dublin 4

Inside Google Dublin (EU HQ)

A generation ago, Dublin’s docklands section was known for its urban decay. Today, it’s Ireland’s home base for technology, teeming with start-ups as well as the European headquarters for some of the biggest tech companies in the world. The area has expanded to make room for a host of engineering jobs that focus on application development to software testing to network security.

We’re proud of the role we’ve played in revitalizing the neighborhood. Our four modern buildings include the tallest commercial building in Dublin. We designed our offices to celebrate the city’s culture, with everything from music rooms to a kitchen disguised as a traditional Irish pub.

As Google’s center for sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we work with a broad range of businesses and markets – small businesses, multinationals, AdWords, AdSense, Display, Mobile advertising and more. Our sales team is as varied as these markets. We need key account managers, digital marketing consultants and others with a talent for analysis and communication. Our engineers have managed the infrastructure for all our products across the region, from Search to Chrome to Google+.

Whether it’s because of our diversity, our passion for what we do or our location in the heart of one of the world’s friendliest, most charming cities, the work that we do here is great craic.

We’re central to Google’s business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and we have a really diverse, international team, so this is a particularly great place to work.

- Helen Tynan, People Operations

Google Dublin (EU HQ): Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Google Dublin a great place to build a career?

We’re Google’s operations headquarters for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, supporting more than 50 countries across the region – meaning we offer a wide range of career opportunities. On the sales side, we work with all kinds of businesses, from small, family owned companies to big, global advertisers. On the engineering side, we’ve supported Google infrastructure across EMEA, ensuring that all our products work the way they’re supposed to. And we’re home to teams in finance, legal and HR as well.

What makes Google Dublin a fun place to work?

Our offices embrace Dublin’s unique culture. Our walls are covered with murals, from graffiti art to panoramic photos of Dublin streets to scenes from Irish folklore. Googlers can take a break in massage rooms, our music room or by playing classic arcade games.

But we’re also a cultural melting pot; our Googlers hail from more than 65 countries and speak more than 45 languages. Our chefs make sure help us all feel at home, serving scrumptious dishes from around the world in the Father Ted-themed café (not to mention the three other cafés on our campus).

What makes working in Dublin different from working in other Google locations?

Being the hub for EMEA brings us big challenges and opportunities, alongside a range of groups to help tackle them – sales, engineering, people operations, marketing and legal.

We’re also in a fun neighborhood that mixes new buildings with architectural reminders of Dublin’s maritime and industrial past, and near landmarks old and new, like Merrion Square, the Custom House, Herbert Park and Aviva Stadium. Each of our buildings is unique, and the last time the Street View car came through our neighborhood, we poured onto the sidewalks of Barrow Street en masse. Look up Gordon House on Street View, and you’ll see lots and lots of smiling Dublin Googlers. ;)

How are Googlers involved in the Dublin community?

Our Age Engage program puts Googlers together with older members of the community to get them up to speed on all things digital. Through Google Grants, we help local nonprofits reach a broader audience with AdWords. And through GoogleServe, we volunteer with organizations like the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We also host professional events at our offices such as Ireland’s final presidential debate (broadcasted live on YouTube) and with organizations like the Connecting Women in Technology network.

Has Google Dublin hosted any particularly cool or famous visitors?

Yep – from a director at the Large Hadron Collider (Dr. Steve Meyers) to a Nobel Peace Prize winner (Betty Williams) to a former Official IRA member turned peace-campaigner (Henry Robinson).

Life at Google Dublin (EU HQ)

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